A few words about us.

We're a dedicated team creating unique and powerful Premium Web Themes.

Rascals Themes were officially founded in July, 2010. Our team has been specializing in website design and development from over 5 years. Our goal is to produce useful web themes that look good and are priced just right.

We offer a variety of themes – from agency portfolio to professional music themes. We are specialized in creating professional music themes with AJAX technology. We create totally new Premium Web Themes not available anywhere else. We continue to develop new themes and updating existing with new features and improvements.

To anyone on the fence about getting this theme, I just wanted to say that it is AMAZING! Very easy to work with, any problems I ran into I was able to fix on my own by reading the documentation. I had the site completed in less than a week and I’m literally blown away by how great it looks!!! Best theme I’ve ever worked with. VERY well done rascals!!! jeremypiatt - EPROM